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‘Be my Valentine’ Card Tutorial

♥ Want to have a go at making something?

Why not try this really easy Valentines card.

It is very girly but I love it and have made the heart with scraps from my fabric box. Follow the steps below along with the slideshow and see what you can create.

Why not replace the heart shape with one of your own designs then use the steps below to create your card.

What do you need?

Paper, pen, fabric scrap, batting scrap (optional but will make your heart nice and puffy, you can get this from any good fabric store or search online), scissors, embroidery thread, tapestry needle, glue (I used UHU), card & envelope (I got mine from Paperchase).

Make it like this….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Step 1: Draw a heart shape on a piece of paper and neatly cut it out.

Step 2: Draw round your heart cut out twice onto your desired fabric. You will need to draw one heart on the right side of the fabric (the side that you want showing on your card), then turn it over and draw round the heart on the wrong side. of the fabric.

Step 3: Neatly cut out your two heart shapes (I used Pinking Shears for the criss-cross edge but you can use ordinary scissors).

Step 4: OPTIONAL Draw round your heartshape on a piece of batting (this will pad your heart out). Neatly cut out your batting heart shape.

Step 5: Pin together your heart, the two fabric pieces on the outside (right sides facing outwards) and your batting sandwiched in the middle.

Step 6: Using embroidery thread, stitch evenly around the edge of your heart. TIP: don’t pull your thread too tight or the heart will start to bunch up. I did two rows of stitching but ones looks fine too.

Step 7: If you are happy with how your little heart looks simply tie off the embroidery thread and use your glue to stick it on the card.

Step 8: Write something soppy in it and post it to someone you fancy!!



Gotta start somewhere…

Hello and welcome to my spanking new blog.

I’m going to take you on a journey as I try out new crafts, sew up some beautiful items and even share some of my own original creations.

All this started a few months ago when I was given a sewing pattern by a friend. I dusted off my neglected sewing machine and surprised myself by making a green stripey clutch bag. Inspired by the result I made a few more.











The pattern for this clutch is by KeykaLou, and if you want something easy and fun to make you should check out . The patterns are reasonably priced, easy to follow and e-mailed to you as a download, simply print it out and away you go.

I’ve also just bought the City Bag pattern so will post some pictures soon.




I have got quite excited about knitting this month, and have discovered that for a total novice really big needles are essential. I knitted this cardigan with ‘Debbie Bliss Como’ wool using 10mm needles, it was a Sidar pattern from the book ‘Big Softie Knits for Beginners’.

I’m not ashamed to admit that my cardigan is and looks a little wonky. The lesson for me is definitely pay more attention to the instructions and measure, measure, measure, then hopefuly the sleeves will end up the same length. I also should have used Sidar wool as recommended in the pattern, this cardigan has come out a little heavy because I didn’t follow the instructions!



At Christmas I was given an Emily Peacock tapestry. I remember having a go at cross-stitch when I was little but have to admit I was a bit dubious when I opened this, not least because as someone had given it to me, I would have to make it.

Scepticism aside I have made quite a bit of headway on this over the holidays, and am secretly enjoying it, it’s a good multi-tasker as I can definitely watch TV at the same time.


Finally, I’m taking part in ‘Pay it forward 2011’. I have to send something handmade to five of my friends sometime in 2011. I have my five takers already, so now need to get creating, why not pop back over the next few months and see how I’m getting on…………………..