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The Patchwork Bag

So last week I was given these three books. ‘Stitch’ and ‘Make’ by Cath Kidston and ‘Quilting in no Time’ by Emma Hardy.

There are so many projects in here that I am really excited to try, applique, embroidery, quilts, bags…… many things and so little time.

In ‘Quilting in no Time’ there is a lovely patchwork bag so I decided to have a go with some navy and cerise fabric and here’s what I came up with, would be great to know what you think.


Easy Knit Scarf Tutorial

So here it is, a lovely scarf perfect for wintry weather.
This is so easy to knit, if you can knit and purl it’ll be a breeze.
If you’re not sure then follow the you-tube links at the bottom of the page to some great video tutorials.

What do you need?
4 balls of Debbie Bliss Luxury Aran Tweed
Size 5mm (US 8/0) Knitting needles


Here we go
Cast on 40 stitches.
Knit 7 rows.
*Then Knit 5 stitches, purl five stitches, knit five stitches, purl five stitches, repeat from the * to the end of the row.
Repeat from first * until the scarf is as long as you would like it (my scarf is 164cm).
Knit 7 rows to finish, cast off and you’re done!

And that’s it! So easy but I love it, and the ribbed pattern adds some interest.

Go on, why not have a go!
Happy Knitting….

You-tube Tutorials

Casting on http:

Knit Stitch:

Purl Stitch:

And the stitch goes on…

Thanks for stopping by, I’ve had a busy and creative couple of weeks.

One lunchtime in Camden Town I was trying to avoid the tourists and found a small parade of charity shops on the High Street. I can highly recommend the Oxfam, it’s so nicely laid out, stocks really colourful clothes and rates as pleasant on the charity shop smell scale.

To find it walk down the High Street towards Mornington Crescent. After Oxfam there are at least three more charity shops and in one of these I found this bargain bag of tapestry wool. 

I was very excited this week to receive my craft labels, hopefully these will make my work look a bit more professional. I ordered these from  and am really pleased with the results.

‘Pay it forward 2011’ update

So of my five takers two of them will have now received their free homemade item. To the first I sent the ‘Green Stripey Clutch’, you can see a pic in my first post here .

For my second friend I made another clutch bag out of some upholstery material with a lovely silky lining. Come back over the next few weeks to see what I have created for the remaining three.

Next Week……

The knitting needles are out again and I’ll be sharing a free pattern for something perfect for this chilly weather.